RCTimer Argonaut AQ320 premiere FPV kit - Integrated PCB and PDB
Brand: RCTimer
Product Code: 150

We have released our premiere FPV frame, the Argonaut AQ320. great features, design, durability, great looks and the motor arms are a nice beefy 4mm thick yet won’t break the bank.

The Argonaut AQ320 is a 320mm class Quad frame design that is optimized for FPV flight with a forward platform for HD cams & FPV gear and a rear platform for ample battery and CG adjustment. One of the key features is Integrated PCB&PDB and 5vdc 5A UBEC,
There are lots of FPV Mini Quad frames on the market and each have their unique features, the Argonaut incorporates them all in a top level product that is unmatched in construction and strength.
The arms are fiberglass sandwiched with 2 layers of CF
Integrated PCB is fiberglass naturally,
4 individual 5vdc regulators for Accessories
Integrated 5vdc 5A UBEC for Flight Controller
Motor: 1806-1400KV/2300KV/1450KV; Prop: 5"-7";
ESC: 10A - 20A
Battery: 2200mAh–3300mAh
Take Off Weight: <= 0.8kg
Flight Time: 10-12 Min
Frame Weight: 194g
Size: 320mm
Argonaut AQ320 frame Kit
4x 1806 class motors
4x ESCs
4x 5" to 7" props
2200~3300mah Battery
Flight controller
Radio system
FPV gear (optional)
Assemble Manual: Here
PCB Board:
Updated the holes of motor mounts:




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