Dualsky XM4255EA-7
Brand: Dualsky
Product Code: 221133


Improved front cover, better heat dissipation
Rotor with more beautiful star design
Increased the rigidity of the rotor and shell, reduce vibration, can withstand more loads.
Adopt tile magnets with higher grade
Higher efficiency laminations
Reduce the air gap of the stator and rotor, increase efficiency
Thicker high temperature enameled wire, improved insulation and impact resistance
Compare EA with CA at same level, the power increased 10-20%, and efficiency increased 3-5%.
More options for KV value, suitable for practical use
Add XM2838EA, XM4255EA which models CA do not have.
Motor mounting holes and shaft diameter compatible with CA Series
Accessories compatible with the CA series (except for new models)
8mm propeller mount with the thinner threads, propeller not easy to loose.


Description:  XM4255EA-7
KV: 505RPM/V 
Alias(Stator diameter, Magnet length): 3525
Weight: 250.3g
Diameter: 42mm
Length: 49mm
Diameter of Shaft: 6mm
Mounting holes pitch: 25/25mm
Slots,Poles: 12,14
Idle Current(Io) @10V: 2.32A
Resistance(Ri): 23mOhm
Cruising power[8 mins]: 653W
Bursts current[15s]: 53A
Peak power[15s]: 1187W
Recommended ESC: XC6018BA
Setup 1(No. of Cell, Prop.): 5S, 14x7
Setup 2(No. of Cell, Prop.): 6S, 14x5(52A)
Max. weight of sport models: 3.3kg
Max. weight of 3D models: 2.2kg
Memo: .46-.55 2-stroke Up to .72 4st

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