Himodel ICE Series 80A 2-6S Brushless Speed Control for Airplane/Helicopter Type FLY 80A-ICE SB
Brand: Himodel
Product Code: 446
* Compatible with a programming card to change and set parameters easily and conveniently * Super fine and smooth touch of speed controlling, first-rate accurate linearity * Soft Start-up mode and Constant RPM mode (Governor mode) * adjustable F3A brake. * 3 steps adjustable regular back EMF brake. * High capability of anti-interference * Low-voltage cut-off protection for per cell battery * Under-voltage cutoff * Under-voltage can be disabled * Under-voltage with automatic adjustment for NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion/LiPo/LiFePO4 * Variable cutoff voltage / cell * Slow down instead of cutoff * Active freewheeling circuit * LED status display * Timing of motor ranges from 0° to 30° * Blocked rotation protection * Reversible rotation direction * Over-temperature protection and Overload alarm * Anti sparkling circuit: reduces connection sparkles * Throttle signal lose protection. When the signal loses for 3 seconds, the power will automatically cut off. * Safe power-on. The motor won’t start no matter which position the throttle stick is when battery connected ***This series ESC can be compatible with both helicopter and airplane.*** Type: FLY 80A-ICE SB Size: 72 x 32.8 x 13 mm Constant Current: 80A Max Current: 100A for 10 seconds Input Voltage: 2-6 cells li-XX or 6-16 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery BEC: yes, Switch BEC BEC Output: 5.5V/6A PWM: 8-16 KHz Max RPM: 240,000rpm for 2 Poles Brushless Motor Weight: 58g * In the latest version, the cable for programe card and cable for throttle are combined into one, you can programe the ESC by connecting your programe card to the throttle cable.

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