Flight Model Super Decathlon 96" V2
Brand: Flight-Model
Product Code: 2305

Quick Details

  • Material: balsa wood
  • Film: Chinese film
  • Joiner Material: Carbon Joiner
  • Color: yellow/white
  • Wing span: 96in/2438mm
  • Flying weight: 5144g
  • Wing area: 134sq.dm
  • Length: 1614mm
  • Engine: 28-30cc

Product features :

         1. Light weight construction
         2. Latest structure
         3. High structual strength

         4. Two pieces removable wings and stabilizers
         5. Super quality

         6. Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance
         7. Easy installation

         8. Fully symmetrical aerofoil tail wing
         9.Complete accessories

         10. High performance hardware including ball linkage control system, PU wheels, CF Tube, anodized aluminum long arms
         11. Inner canister muffler design.




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