Lithium-ion polymer batteries started appearing in consumer electronics around 1995. AGAPOWER started lipo battery research since 2003, in the last 10 years, we mainly do OEM service for many famous lipo battery brands. AGAPOWER are starting its fly on the top brands of RC lipo battery.
Low internal resistance
This low IR means AGA lipo doesn't waste energy getting hot like other lipo does and this translates to longer run times. Also the lower IR means AGA lipo holds higher voltage under load than other Lipo does. Which makes your motor gets higher voltage longer and runs faster.
With electrode sheets and the separator sheets laminated onto each other, AGA lipo cells have a flexible, foil-type (polymer laminate) case. They can be banged around, punctured, dropped or run over with a car and still not explode, making them more resistant to physical trauma than most batteries. For Car models, protection for lipo battery is necessary, AGA gets hard case lipos for RC car racers, these battery could weighs more, but very good for protection.
Voltage 3.7V, Great cycle number
The voltage of AGA lipo cell varies from about 3.7 V (discharged) to about 4.23 V (fully charged), it has to be protected from overcharge by limiting the applied voltage to no more than 4.235 V per cell used in a series combination. AGA declared upwards of 1000 charge-discharge cycles in 2011.
AGA Lipo use LiCoO2 as the positive electrode
AGA has its own factory specializes in positive electrode material production, and it supplies positive electrode material for 80% of the lipo battery manufacturers in china.
Among the conventional compounds, LiCoO2 is the most widely used material for commercial lithium batteries due to its excellent electrochemical cycling stability. It is a result of the structural stability of the material, in which the layered cation ordering is extremely well preserved even after a repeated process of insertion and extraction of Li+ions. Even though the technology is rather expensive and the material is highly toxic, lithium cobaltate is still the most widely used cathode material in lithium-ion batteries.
AGA Lipo battery is constructed as:
Positive electrode: LiCoO2
Separator: Conducting polymer electrolyte
Negative electrode: carbon-Li intercalation compound
Typical reaction:
Negative electrode: carbon–Lix → C + xLi+ + xe−
Separator: Li+ conduction
Positive electrode: Li1−xCoO2 + xLi+ + xe− → LiCoO2
AGA Power released nano technology lipo batteries at the beginning of 2012.
These new LiPos are designed around carbon nano tube technology to produce the least internal resistance, lowest heat generation and highest discharge voltage of any battery on the market. Anticipation has been building for the release of the world’s most powerful lipo battery after they were previewed at the 2012 3D Masters.
The secret to the AGA Power new lipo strength lies in its chemical structure. Designed around Carbon Nano Tube technology, it has the lowest heat generation, least internal resistance, and highest discharge voltage of any battery on the market. Looking at the batteries, no detail has been spared, even down to the gold plated balance leads for more accurate balancing!
At professional level, these batteries caused a stir at the 3D Masters with sponsored pilots queuing up to try them. This has led to some pilots dropping their current sponsors in favour of the new nano battery of AGA Power.
Actually these batteries could be sold at a premium as they are that much better than their opposition. However AGA Power would like to benefit our distributors as more as we can, we work out the in-expensive pricing.

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